Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Govt ECO Grants manages and we declare your privacy regarding all the information we get when you gain access to the Govt ECO Grants website. We gather all the mandatory details while you try to visit our website and survey

Govt ECO Grants Website Visitors
Govt ECO Grants collects specific information such as the type of search engine you utilize, language usage, relevant material, most viewed content, and the time when you visit our website, etc. The reason to gain all the details is to analyze the trends that are inspiring for visitors and the activities of clients. We secure all your personal details such as your E-mail ID, passwords, URL, user login information, etc. of web visitors who post images, content, or comments on Additionally, only authorized persons get to know the collected data, external parties have no reach to such type of personal information.

Usually, website engagement is monitored with the help of we monitor site engagements by vendor devices i.e. Google Analytics. These vendor tools can easily collect your mobile details, hidden statistics, email address information, OS users, etc.

Consumers are authorized to write comments or like the content of our website. Activities of users including comments, posting, etc. are automatically reclaimed on our website, as we have a complete approach to the IP address of end-users. After confirmation of your identity, your comment along with your display image picture will be obvious on our website in order to verify the identification of visitors.

Contact Details
Just after you sign up for the account and add all of your personal details it can be utilized for trading and advertising goals. Your personal statistics are entirely secured and no third-party owners can gain access to them except official members.

Cookies are actually all the information related to visitors like the name of a client, E-mail, display picture, etc. that is secured for one year. We use cookies with the view to keep you away from writing the same details again and over again. When the fill-up process is finished, it will be saved in cookies and you can upload the comments under the website.

A temporary cookie is another type of method that is employed to secure all the necessary details when you have completely signed in to the site. And it will be ceased when you close the website. These types of cookies last for two weeks and all signed-in cookies will be deleted from your personal account. If any visitor tries to publish any content on the website, cookies linked to its IP address will last only for one day.

User Rights Accompanying their Data
If you pursue our website, you will have the complete right to upload comments, write your remarks, and like the content as well. Consumers have the complete right to cancel all of your activities such as discarding comments, deleting posts, etc. After verification, you can inspect or resume your content available on different platforms. Though, the details necessary for website security and handling won’t be discarded.

If you are not satisfied with our privacy policy, you can ask for the deletion of all of your information secured on our web server but the ultimate choice will be yours as a client. We can limit your personal information for legal objectives.

The privacy policy of Govt ECO Grants is changed from time to time. But we also suggest all users look through them carefully in order to get the latest updates.